Monday, April 21, 2008

Permaculture Design - Zone 1

In Zone 1 here I'm talking about the outside surfaces of the house, and the grounds within about twenty feet or so.  Goals addressed: access, storage for food and tools, water management, beautification, delectrification.  A design constraint this year is that because the cottage is not done done, most of the ground within 15-40 ft of the cottage must remain clear for forklift access.  Sorry no visuals yet.  Though its not needed until the fall, I'd like to highlight the importance of the root cellar.

Phase 1 (by 30 June 2008)
  • Cleanup (includes Zone 2)
  • Outside storage shed, 12x16 ft, N side West
  • Groundcover planted in forklift exclusion zone.
  • PV panels and ground-mount rack - Reuse house trailer anchors on pad 2?
  • Minor driveway reroute: end the driveway N of cottage, behind shed. Turnaround extends NW.  This frees up the west field for forest garden.
  • Preliminary path design laid out in straw: Cottage beltway; Patio; Extensions to parking, shed, and mulch depot.
Phase 2 (by 23 Sept 2008)
  • Root cellar, location TBD.
  • Roof fascia
  • Additional solar water heat panels
  • Finish cob on outside walls
  • Rainwater catchment for summer irrigation: Gutters; Outside aboveground storage 500 gal N, 100 gal S.
  • Outdoor room, N side East
  • Trellis extending N from NE corner, outside dripline
  • Flagstone patio
  • Charcoal grill
  • N side “ice cube tray” to catch snow slide from roof and freeze into blocks.
Phase 3 (by 14 May 2009)
  • PV carport N of shed
  • Annual/herb garden outside S. door

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