Saturday, May 3, 2008

Little things update

Well the ants went away by themselves, I hardly see any of them anymore.  I think this proves my theory that Ant Baits Are A Scam.  

The teensy pepper-grain-sized flies are still around but not quite as numerous.

There are now mice, or something like that.  They don't seem to have access to the inside, but I hear scritching in the southeast corner, like they are in the joint where the greenhouse roof meets the south wall.  Maybe coincidence but this happened not too long after Redbeard punched a hole there to bring the solar water heat pipe down in.  I think they started a family - I heard meeping noises one day.  Could be squirrels, I saw one climb the east wall and then run along the top of the straw bales, under the north eave.  He drew my attention to a hole in the underside of the foam roof - looked like something had tried to dig out a nest, though he did not go into it.

This house is a little on the dusty side.  I've identified three sources.  One is the bits of mud plaster that continue to flake off the walls.  Second is the very fine dust which wears off the greenhouse floor.  It's very easy for this to get stirred up into the air.  Down the road this floor should probably be tiled.  Third is dirt tracked in from the outside, this is mostly sand, which stays down on the floor.

Link of the week:
Forget Nuclear By Amory B. Lovins, Imran Sheikh, and Alex Markevich

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