Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cottage site repair begins

Edie the Esteemed Executive Director gave go-ahead on implementing some of the phase 1 permaculture design.  We decided the crater had to be dealt with first, as it required heavy professionals with heavy professional equipment.  Redbeard made arrangements with a local outfit, name of Schrupp Excavating.  Here they are getting ready to start with the schrupping:

They recommended widening the crater slightly in addition to shallowing it, so the sides would not be too steep and start washing out again.

Much of the dirt pile north of the crater was pushed into it.  

Here I'm standing on what's left of the dirt pile looking south at the newly remodeled crater.

The d-day plan called for terracing in eight-inch steps, and then laying logs on contour so as to form kind of an amphitheater-like place, but the gizmo they were going to use to do the terracing was on the fritz, and they couldn't say how many days it might take to fix and get back.  To make a short story even shorter, we ended up declaring mission accomplished on the major earthmoving operations, and seeded it (annual rye.)

Meanwhile, Montalban and Sly got to work on the cottage roof, putting up furring strips for attaching fascia to the styrofoam.  I've noticed one downside of styrofoam as a construction material, in that little bits of it get all. over. the freaking. place.

Little things update:
The plague of teensy tiny little bugs coming out of the straw bales has almost subsided entirely.  The ants have not returned.   I trapped one mouse.  Some birds built a nest on top of the north wall, there is an inviting ledge between the top of the straw bales and the underside of the eave.

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