Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Energy Independence Week, Day 3

Sunday July 6, day 3 of Energy Independence Week

Well the batteries got a full solid charge on Saturday, but just running the little compost bin fan overnight brought the voltage down to 12.3.

It only took about half an hour in the solar oven to reheat some leftovers for lunch. The same trick worked at dinnertime, though I left it in longer (6:20-7pm) it wasn't as hot.

Made some steps for cooler.  This 16-foot trough made of two-by's had been sitting behind the house for months.  One time I asked Redbeard, is this like, a thing, or what is the deal?  He said it used to be but go ahead if I had another use for it.  Now I do, so I just sawed it into four pieces with my solar-charged cordless sawzall.  Voila, standing platforms.  

Originally I thought of hinging the icebox lid, but decided I liked being able to open it on any side.  Not bear-proof though.

I'm using these little 6-LED rechargeable lanterns.  But this time of year there's so much daylight you shouldn't need lights much.  

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