Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Solar Water Heat, Phase Drainback

The piping connections to the solar collectors needed some teflon taping.  

Contractor needed some copper pipe upside the head. ;-) (I can pay you next week I swear, just a little cash flow problem you know how it is...)   

The circulation pump for the solar loop is a Grundfos UP 26-99 F.  The rotameter-style flowmeter (and sightglass) is a Blue-White F-451002LHBSN.  It is made of polysulfone and needs to be protected from ultraviolet light.  Don't let me forget about that.

Here's J sweating atop the tanks.

My camera has developed a bad habit of forgetting the date and time, so here is a photo of the astronomical conjunction (or whatever) of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, to prove to future archaeologists that this photo was actually taken yesterday, 1 December 2008 AD, and not in 2000.

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