Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Operation Biofilter

Well it finally cooled off a little, sheesh, I was wondering when that was gonna happen.  The air is pretty soft with any kind of positive double-digit Fahrenheit temperature.  This week it's mostly subzero which has a nice crispy bite to it.  Crunchy snow.  When the sun's out and there's no wind -20 really isn't that bad.  Sun down and wind up, though, you'll be like, Tommy Lee Jones what planet is this?  Where's my space suit?

Well, with Phase Drainback of the Solar Water Heat Project nigh complete, the next project for the cottage greenhouse is plant beds for tertiary treatment of the "overflow" from the compost toilet bin.  This is an upgrade over the current method of dealing with the overflow, that is, hucking it out into the yard.

The next phase of the Solar Water Heat system is hooking the solar tanks up to the domestic water heater and the radiant floor system.  Phase Heat Me, if you will.

I had a dream about it last night.  In the dream I tucked fifty benjamins under my pillow at night and waited for the Sugar Plumber Fairy to show up.  


BrickHouse Bikes said...

It's good to see the living part of the system going in!

Correspondent said...

Oh there's plenty of worm and microbe life in the compost bin! There will be some in the dirt of the plant beds too, but the plants are nicer to look at and will make a more complete system.