Saturday, March 1, 2008

Halting progress towards sustainability

  • I decided to give up bananas (which I like very much) because they have too many food miles to get to Minnesota.
  • I drove my SUV three hundred miles to a Permaculture meeting.  (What, what, did I say something funny?)
  • I've been walking to the little groceries in town instead of driving down to Cub in Brainerd, even though Cub has a lot better selection of organic stuff.  It occurred to me that Milk, Eggs, and Bread are usually near the top of the grocery list, and I should try to find local sources.  I do have a local Egg source which Iditarhoda told me about.  I'll check on this but I think it's called John and Theresa's farm on County Road 2.  There is a tiny sign "Eggs $1 dozen".  I stopped by today.  There was a gray cat sitting on the porch railing.  It fell in love with me right away. (This often happens to me.  I think cats can sense cat-people.)  In the one minute it took to buy the eggs, it had both front paws on my chest.  It followed me halfway out to the car.  

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