Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Things

  • I think I've mentioned about the thumping noise when the wind blows, from the tail of the rubber roof membrane flipping up.  There is another noise from the roof when the wind blows, it's a high-pitched crackling sound, like crumpling a doritos bag.  I think its either the styrofoam flexing or maybe something to do with whatever that stuff is that was sprayed on the ceiling.  Very occasionally there is a startling scraping or swooshing noise, which I think is poltergeists pushing snow off the roof.
  • My desk is pushed right against the mud plaster wall downstairs.  Every half hour or so, a teensy little piece falls off.  I can hear them clink as they hit the top of my backup drive.  Fancy said it might be mice in the straw bales, but I don't hear anything else.  It seems to be less frequent now that the temperature is more stable inside.  The linseed oil smell is just about gone now, and I'm not ventilating with cold outside air.
  • There are a bunch of tiny little bugs around, about the size of pepper grains.  These seem to be increasing.  Some of them can fly.

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