Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Incredible progress on all fronts

The East Bur Oak Nucleus is mulched.

The West Bur Oak Nucleus is mulched and fenced.

Cobbing of the window and door frames has commenced, by the hands of Fancy.  I asked permission to photograph the work.  She said only if you help.  I meekly complied.  As we flang mud she explained the science.  The straw bales need to be coated with something breathable.  When the tiny clay particles get wet they expand and overlap, providing some sealing action.  When they dry, pores open up so that moisture can evaporate out.

The total potato haul was 600 pounds even.

I have a 3-point potato storage strategy:

1) Root cellaring in Flora's basement.
2) Root cellaring in Big Foamy out behind the cottage.
3) Home canned potato soup (Mom & I are working up a recipe.)

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