Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another round of freeze protection

Mr. and Mrs. Universe donated their trailer home.  Last week the nice men came to take it away, ha ha.  (I mention this in case you'd wonder where it went in subsequent photos.)

I'd been monitoring the septic line temperatures via the sensors Neo and I installed t'other week, and got a bad feeling.  I showed a chart like the one below to Edie D. the Executive Director, and Pigpen, learned with drain expertise.  The light blue line shows that from noon on the 4th to midnite on the 11th, the outside air temperature dropped from 65 to 17 F.  The dark blue line shows the temperature on the downstream leg of the septic line which we recently bermed over, that temperature barely moved.  The gray line shows the temperature on the upstream leg which was only about a foot down.  It responded much more quickly to the air temperature and had dropped into the thirties already.  We decided maybe we'd better hurry up and throw some more dirt over the upstream leg of the septic line.

That dirt-berming operation took place today.
I decided we'd better bring the berm right up to the house.  Glad I didn't spend too long setting the pavers for the walkway.
Pigpen must've brought out at least a ton of straw - four or five of the 8-foot bales.  We talked about throwing some manure on it in the spring and planting it.
I had to reroute my walkway which looks a little goofy now.  

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