Monday, November 17, 2008

Greenhouse floor sealing

Next week the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance comes to install solar water heat equipment.  It'll be one for the ages, the heat storage tanks will hold one ton of water and once installed will not be moving for a while, God willing.  I thought it would be a good idea to do something about the greenhouse floor before they went in.  The cob-crete floor has been wearing away into a fine powder.  Redbeard came up with a scheme to seal it using ordinary water-borne polyurethane and came out to do a test patch.  

It seemed to basically work.  Not a super-tough surface but it was a lot better than before so I went ahead and did the rest of it.  Redbeard says to me, "try and mix the poly and dirt into a slurry and fill the cracks in the floor.  And don't get ahead of yourself."  I sort of did that, but as much dirt and dust as there was on the floor, it still wasn't enough to fill the cracks, and it seemed crazy to dig up more dirt outside for that purpose.  That could still be done some time I suppose.  It took three gallons @ $40 to do the whole floor.  I wanted to hurry up and finish it so I could stop using electric boiler heat to warm the greenhouse floor.

I had a lot of stuff stored in the greenhouse which I had to move inside.  The upside of this is that there's much less floor to sweep in the house.

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