Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2008 - a year to live sustainably

Today your Correspondent began moving into his new home for 2008 - a solar-heated straw-bale cottage located in central Minnesota and owned by the Happy Dancing Turtle Foundation, whose mission is to Promote Sustainable Living.  The cottage is to be the scene of certain Experiments by the closely-related Hunt Utilities Group LLC.  I am, basically, the Lab Rat.  By contractual arrangement I am to report on How is Everything Working in There and So What is it Like to Try and Live Sustainably?  Said reporting will be done, in this blog, so everyone can follow along.

As the cottage is new, the inside still reeks of paint, varnish, and the linseed oil used to seal the cob floor.  I am reluctant to spend the night just yet.  So far I have moved only two things:  an heirloom plywood table, and my beloved 5-wheel desk chair.  Oh, also spent a little time today chipping frozen sawdust out of the pile outside, you know, for the composting toilet.

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