Friday, February 22, 2008

Behold, the Party Pooper

Redbeard's feelings were hurt, but I had to tell him that I did not like the bucket toilet he so carefully made for me.  Among its shortcomings:
  • Wide and shallow, resulting in leaning tower of poo-za.
  • Capacity too small esp. for upcoming housewarming party.
  • Bulking material (coarse sawdust) not absorbent enough, resulting in suboptimal emptying experience. 
Pigpen and I are working on a plan to stop the insanity.  Meanwhile in the interim, I've gotten forgiveness (I think) to try a variation:
  • For increased capacity I will use a larger tall bin.  Note wheels and handle to facilitate emptying:

Redbeard bashed up a nice seat and step stool.  It would have been better to put it in the other corner of the room, that way you could pull the bin out without removing the steps, but that corner is reserved for the greywater surge tank.

I'm going to throw a sack of this wood pellet horse bedding in the bottom.  It costs like diamonds, like 15 cents a pound, but its supposed to be absorbent.  We'll see.

If the barrel is even half full it will be heavy to empty.  I asked for a ramp made of snow, up to the top of the compost bin.  Here's Jolson in the Cat finishing it off.  I got the notion from the mounds of snow that were already pushed up there from plowing the drive.  But it took more snow than I thought, as we had to make it wide enough for the Cat to drive up on it.  That took about an hour.  

Here is the final version, with privacy/sprayguard curtain, and sawdust bin propped up:

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Laura said...

Nice toilet!
I've found it much easier to compost humanure by diverting the urine. You don't need nearly as much wood shavings and the odor is reduced dramatically.

check out some picture and links to urine diverters.