Sunday, August 31, 2008

Experiment plot update

You might remember the mixture experiment we did with the soil amendments spread on the west field before we chisel-plowed it.  No?  Well the north third got 14 yards composted cow manure, the south third got 14 yards rotted sawdust, and the middle third got a 7&7 mix.  More or less.

Back in June when it was raining the north plot really jumped out in front in terms of greening up, while the south plot stayed almost bare and the middle plot was in-between, really noticeable differences.

But the August dry period pretty much evened things up.  The north and middle plots crisped up but the south plot continued greening up slowly.  The north plot grew a lot of turnips.  The south plot grew no turnips but quite a bit of clover.

This photo shows the dividing line between the north and middle plots at the end of August.  The line runs from the cottage door to where I'm standing.  You can't really see any difference in the ground coverage on either side.

Likewise with the line between the middle and south plots, which runs top to bottom right through the middle of the frame.

You can just make out the three plots in this view from the south.  Look how well the clover's doing in the south plot, middle left in the frame, by the tree line.  I think it's benefiting from the afternoon shade.  The clover behind the house and under the picnic table also had an August growth period.

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