Friday, August 1, 2008

Lightweight things

I got the bike trailer hooked up, so now I can carry something bigger than a loaf of bread.  This makes it a lot more useful for errands to town.  Its a Burley flatbed trailer.

I'm hoping to ride later into the cold this year.  Last year I gave up around Halloween.  At the midwest renewable energy fair I learned of studded tires that make it possible to ride on ice, and of neoprene face masks.  

The instructions wanted the hitch bracket in the left rear dropout, but I didn't want to lose the kickstand that was already there, so I drilled the bracket that holds the rear rack and bolted it to that.  

The trailer is offset considerably to the left.  I think this is so you can continue to ride close to the right side of the road, and if overtaking traffic is going to nick something it would be the trailer and not your left hand.  

Colorado potato beetles have been spotted eating the lamb's quarters on the west berms.  I checked the potato patches and a couple of the plants in the east patch were afflicted with the larvae.  I picked off the ones I could see.

I've been watching Skyler's pet bug while he's away at camp.  It hatched from its chrysalis yesterday, a fine-looking monarch butterfly.  I set it free and it managed to fly to the trees, so it made it to The Wild.

In other news, Redbeard began preparations today for spraying the finish coat of cob onto the cottage, starting with moving the clay pile.  Here he's on his third trip in the bobcat, after which he called it a week.

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