Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vegetable update

Earlier this month I dug up one potato plant to see how it was doing.  Here are its potatoes; the largest was almost baseball-sized, the smallest grape-sized.  It was Yukon Gold and they were pretty yummy.

The deer forage mix I seeded in the experiment plots did in fact produce a lot of these things.  (I think it's a turnip.)  I know there are some larger than this.  There have been reports of munching deer.

I made a removable accessory for the flatbed hand cart.  I call it My Little Hayrick.  It's for schlepping flax straw from the Great Wall of Flax Straw to the charcoal kiln, without using the Bobcat or the skid-steer.
It's made entirely out of scrap lumber and took me an entire afternoon to build.  Sustainability is so labor-intensive.

I used it also to spread out a pile of wheat straw that was kind of in the way of getting to the Great Wall of Flax, on which I am standing to take this picture.

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